Atlanta Squid is an interactive theatrical experience that ties together the cities deep love of Halloween with the Social limitations set by a Global Pandemic. Meant as an allegory to Covid -19, The Atlanta Squid has invaded our fair city, causing its residents to seek shelter indoors and driving many local businesses to close for fear of what. comes. next...

We are in desperate need of a HERO!

       You can schedule a 40 min window with a group of up to 4 people at a time by filling out the Battle Arena form below. The experience is free but we will be offering various size photo prints of you and your squad during your visit if you choose to want a keepsake of your battle.


We will be operating Every day starting Oct 19-31 from 3pm- 10pm.

The winner will be announced on Nov 1st.

Good Day and Good Luck!





Atlanta Squid was designed in collaboration with artist Nick Benson and Nick Sheridan.

The goal of the design was to utilize forced perspective as well as one point perspective to create an in-camera illusion of depth to a scene. We wanted to try and recreate the view of Atlanta as seen from the Jackson Street Bridge but with a darker twist.

We were inspired by Orson Wells, War of the Worlds but also had in mind aesthetics from the likes of Stranger Things and Watchmen. Here is the initial concept sketch.