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On The Grid Creative was commissioned to design and fabricate a set of stained glass windows for Atlanta based restaurant, The Lawrence. Addison Adams did a killer job on the original art. We then had to take the designs and figure out the best way to digitize and fabricate. We looked at stained glass as a possibility first but settled on a cool process called UV LED flatbed printing. It definitely took some experimenting. The process allows for you to basically 3D print raised "leading" on the face of the acrylic sheet and then turn it over and print the color directly on the back of the material. This creates a look that is reminiscent of stained glass but has a vibe of its own. We were really stoked on how it came out... The ink serves as a great diffuser of light at a distance of about >3 inches. The frames were welded from 1/8" steel that was CNC plasma cut at Nucleus Studios. A little Bondo to smooth the edges, high build automotive primer and then automotive lacquer "chestnut bronze" finish. 

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